"8 Women" in Elle Russia september 2010 by Riccardo Tinelli

I should've known you were Just Another Stupid Little White Girl spouting off about shit that you know fuck all about. When you're a little older you're going to feel stupid as fuck about all of this. Get the fuck off the internet and go play with your Barbies.

Sounds like you’re the one who has growing up to do.


Water nymph Veruschka photographed by Franco Rubartelli 


if you step on the back of my shoe and it comes off I will do the same thing to ur head

Kanye West - “Cold” (2012)

Hanging out with my little pumpkin


When people say they don’t want their kids ‘influenced’ by seeing homosexuality portrayed on tv, in books, in public, etc, what they’re really saying is ‘if my kid isn’t straight, I want them to be too uneducated to understand so they’ll be forced to stay in the closet and it doesn’t become my responsibility to face things that make me uncomfortable’

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